Intensive Therapy: Just the Two of You, not a Group

Need a lot of help? Not sure weekly sessions will be enough? Consider a 3-Day Intensive. The physical distancing requirements of COVID-19 means the 3-Day Intensive will be modified to suit your unique circumstances.

Upcoming 3-Day Intensives

3-Day Intensive dates are arranged by contacting the Couples In Step office. Typically a 3-Day Intensive begins Sunday afternoon and ends late Tuesday afternoon.

During COVID-19 Intensive therapy will be by video and modified to fit your unique circumstances. You will need to arrange your location. You will be best served by choosing a location free from distractions from work and family responsibilities. You will also need a very good high-speed internet connection.

The 3-Day Intensive couple counselling experience is not a group experience – it is just for you and your partner. You’ll have the space and time to focus exclusively on the challenges of your relationship with the personalized attention and expertise from Irene Oudyk-Suk, a skilled and experienced couple’s therapist.

Consider a 3-Day Couples Counselling Intensive When…

  • you and your partner are in crisis

  • you’re on the verge of calling your relationship quits

  • the two of you are unable to navigate the throes of infidelity

  • you need a LOT of counselling quick

In the 3-Day Intensive (sometimes referred to as marathon couples therapy) you’ll meet together with your partner and Couples In Step therapist, Irene Oudyk-Suk, to focus directly on your relationship: what went wrong, what’s still going wrong, and what can be done (if anything) to change your relationship.

3-Day Counselling Intensive

The Benefits of a 3-Day Intensive

You’ll begin Intensive Couples Counselling feeling wounded and helpless. You’ll emerge with a direction and a focus for moving forward. … and renewed hope.

The structure and safety of an Intensive helps you move through some of the overwhelming distress and immediate crisis. And you’ll step back to take a big picture look at your relationship.

You’ll depart understanding how your relationship got to be where it is today.

Benefits of a 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling

My wife and I are doing very well and were just talking about our time with you at the 3-Day Intensive earlier this year. My wife recalled it as one of her highlights of 2012. I can say the same!

– Intensive participant from Ohio

I would like to start by saying I think the service you provided to us was very very good. I took a lot from it and truly thought it put our relationship into a structured perspective from which we could begin to repair and redevelop. I truly respect the service you provide and now better realize it takes two people if it has any chance to work. Thank you and best regards…

– Intensive participant, Ontario


The effect of a 3-Day Intensive counselling experience is leveraged when you follow up with regular counselling sessions.

  • You may be able to arrange face-to-face or video counselling sessions with Irene. That will depend on available time slots.

  • Video counselling is an accessible way to access counselling.

  • Sometimes video therapy is interspersed with a face-to-face 3-hour session every 2 – 4 months. If Irene has available time slots this may be an option for you.

  • Irene may be able to refer you to a therapist (EFT trained or otherwise) in your area for follow up.

  • A Hold Me Tight® retreat and or a retreat focused on touch and physical intimacy are also great for follow up.

We Need More Information

Of course, you do. Deciding to attend a 3-Day Intensive Couples Counselling experience is a big decision.

Naturally, you have questions ranging from practical details such as scheduling, cost, insurance coverage to questions such as “Is this right for us given our specific circumstances?”

Intensive FAQ’s


To inquire further or to schedule an Intensive call Couples In Step at 416-459-0956, or

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Nearly Every Couple Faces Challenges

Sometimes the difficulties can get so over whelming they can make both of you feel helpless. In our stress-filled, anxiety-driven lives it helps to talk with a professional about your relationship. Couples In Step offers a variety of services to help couples repair and revive their relationship: in-person counselling, on-line counselling, 3-day intensive couples counselling for couples in crisis, couples retreats, discernment counselling for couples where one, or both of you, are uncertain about continuing the relationship.

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