Intensive Therapy: Just the Two of You, not a Group

Need a lot of help? Not sure weekly sessions will be enough? Consider a 3-Day Intensive. 3-Day Intensives are  online during covid.

The 3-Day Intensive couple counselling experience is not a group experience – it is just for you and your partner. You’ll have the space and time to focus exclusively on the challenges of your relationship with the personalized attention and expertise from Irene Oudyk-Suk, a skilled and experienced couple’s therapist.

Upcoming 3-Day Intensives

Sunday Aug 14 – Tuesday Aug 16, 2022 – no longer available

Sunday Sep 25 – Tuesday Sep 27, 2022 – no longer available

Sunday Oct 30 – Tuesday Nov 1, 2022 – available

Sunday Nov 13 – Tuesday Nov 15, 2022 – available

Sunday Dec 4 – Tuesday Dec 6, 2022 – available

A 3-Day Intensive typically begins Sunday afternoon and ends late Tuesday afternoon.

3-Day Intensives take place online. You will need a very good high-speed internet connection.

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Consider a 3-Day Couples Counselling Intensive When…

  • you and your partner are in crisis

  • you’re on the verge of calling your relationship quits

  • the two of you are unable to navigate the throes of infidelity

  • you need a LOT of counselling quick

In the 3-Day Intensive (sometimes referred to as marathon couples therapy) you’ll meet together with your partner and Couples In Step therapist, Irene Oudyk-Suk, to focus directly on your relationship: what went wrong, what’s still going wrong, and what can be done (if anything) to change your relationship.

3-Day Counselling Intensive

The Benefits of a 3-Day Intensive

You’ll begin Intensive Couples Counselling feeling wounded and helpless. You’ll emerge with a direction and a focus for moving forward. … and renewed hope.

The structure and safety of an Intensive helps you move through some of the overwhelming distress and immediate crisis. And you’ll step back to take a big picture look at your relationship.

You’ll depart understanding how your relationship got to be where it is today.