Couples Paying Attention

Communication habits between a couple are formed like most other habits, with patterns eventually established that are then hard to change. As with other bad habits, a pattern of poor communication can end up having detrimental effects on a relationship. Developing new patterns is not impossible, however, it just takes time and dedication.

Good communication means paying attention

One positive pattern couples should want to have in place is giving each other their full attention when the other is speaking. Many relationships have a problem with half-listening, which can easily lead to miscommunication. Whether things go unheard or unprocessed because of texting, TV, or anything else competing for attention, giving undivided attention is a great way to improve your relationship.

Good communication involves slowing down

It helps to slow down, take a deep breath, reflect just a bit before responding. And preface your response with a kind word, eye contact, or some other gesture of support and affection.

Criticism or blame does not make for good communication

It’s much beter to start with describing the situation, giving the facts than rushing to blaming statements often begun the words, “You always….”

Get into your partner’s shoes

This is hard to do, but so effective in good communication!


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