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Parents sleeping with child
2016: put together a micro gallery feature on the challenges parents have finding time to make love. They asked me for my input for one of their slides: “commit to communication”. I’ve written about the challenges children are to couples: From Two to More

2015: Ashley Madison is an online dating site that invites people in committed relationships to have an affair. The site’s data base was hacked in August 2015.  Thirty million customers had their personal information released. A few days after the data dump I was asked by the Huffington Post to comment: What To Do If You Find Your Partner’s Info On Ashley Madison? A few months later I wrote a blog post: The Ashley Madison Affair, Why so fascinating?

texts-from-your-exflare2014: A relationship therapist analyzes five “texts from exes” and delivers sage advice for the broken-hearted.
The Instagram “Texts From Your Ex” gives you a place to which you can post screenshots of the texts that your ex-partner has sent you. Flannery Dean from Flare sent me five representative texts from the Instagram page and asked me to comment. The screenshots and my comments are here.

porn_ruining_relationshipchatelaine2014: Flannery Dean interviewed me for Is pornography ruining your relationship? an article in the health, sex & relationships section of Chatelaine.

IMG_2530Summit 2012 banner
2012: Third International EFT Summit. Along with three colleagues: Ron Vogt, Kristy Koser, Rebecca Jorgenson, I was part of a panel: “Offering Emotionally Focused Therapy in an Intensive Format”.

unfaithful-tiff2011: Together with Dr. Susan Johnson, I contributed expertise and case data to one of the Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal in a Season One episode on the OWN network.

Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal features couples that have suffered infidelity in their marriages. In each episode, two couples share their deeply personal stories of heartbreak, own-tiffwhile a therapist provides inside perspective on how each couple began the healing process. Intensely revealing, this series illustrates how couples can come to terms with infidelity and share their stories of betrayal.

Northumberland+TodayFebruary, 2012: A growing body of scientific research into adult love demonstrates that the strength of the emotional bond between partners is more important than common interests, great communication skills, fair fighting, or the ability to be self-sufficient. In this Northumberland Today article I share how the findings of brain science informs my work with couples.


August 2011: What happens to your Relationship After Baby? Couples who retain their bond see the benefits. In this article I wrote for Northumberland Kids, I wrote how a couple can inoculate their relationship against the inevitable toll of parenting.

Canadian+LivingThink your partner is being unfaithful? Irene was interviewed by Canadian Living Magazine for an article on How To Tell if your Partner is Being Unfaithful. The article takes a look at some of the common habits of a cheating spouse and what to do when you discover them.

Not SureAnd last, but definitely not least! I am (or my influence is) from time to time mentioned in one of the posts on this blog: Not Sure.

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