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This page still under construction. Here’s more information and links to the training organizations I have trained with.

Links to Marriage/Relationship Counselling Training Sites

Gottman gottman instMethod of Couple’s Therapy and EFT are the models that guide marriage and couples counselling at Couples In Step. I continue to train in both these models.

ICEEFT regYou can read about EFT at Couples In Step here. If the EFT model of marriage therapy appeals to you, but you live far from Couples In Step, there is a therapist directory on the EFT website.

Greater Toronto EFT Community

Greater Toronto EFT Community

In the Toronto area you can search out a therapist on the Greater Toronto EFT Community website.

Toronto Sex Therapist Irene Oudyk-Suk is a registered BESTCO therapistYou can read about BESTCO (Board of Examiners for Sex Therapy Certification in Ontario) on their website. I am a registered sex therapist with BESTCO. The BESTCO website also has a therapist directory that lists other BESTCO registered sex therapists in Ontario.

Links to EMDR Sites

You will be fascinated! by the brain scan pictures of a brain before and after EMDR at this educational site: San Diego Trauma Therapy.

The following websites provide additional information about EMDR (including research information):

April Steele is an EMDR therapist on the west coast. April specializes in issues of early neglect, abuse, and trauma.  For years I have been reading her wise posts on the professional list servs I belong to. April has developed some lovely tools for therapists working with people who have missed out on the nurturing that is so important in the formative years.

Links to Couple Therapist Colleagues

More and more therapists all over the world are learning about EFT. I have met many of them at various conferences and trainings over the years. I have listed quite a few of them on my other website.

Links to Colleagues Focusing on Teens and Youth

Consider contacting Jessica Zeyl at Toronto Counselling Center for Teens if you think you or your teen (or both of you) could benefit from an attachment and emotion centered approach to counselling. If taking your teen to counselling is a first, here’s a great page on Jessica’s site especially for you.

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