Is our marriage counsellor helpful?marriage-counselling And is marriage counselling effective? Good questions! I’m sure many of the couples I work with had exactly those questions.

Robert Ogner, a therapist in California, suggests you tackle these questions head on.

Is Our Marriage Counsellor Helpful?

Onger suggests you ask yourself, “Does our therapist ‘get’ our relationship, and does our therapist ‘get’ each of us in the relationship?”

And, says Onger, you want a therapist who has an authentic relationship with you, and this means the therapist reacts well and helpfully when you bring up any concerns. So, when you wonder, “Is our marriage counsellor helpful?” bring your question straight to your therapist and check that your therapist is comfortable and appropriately responsive as you bring up your questions or concerns.

And, perhaps most important, ask your partner, very directly, “What do you think? Is our marriage counsellor helpful?”

Couples Counselling Effectiveness

Onger has something to say about this also and he doesn’t overlook the complexity of this concern. He suggests the effectiveness of couple counselling can be impacted by the amount of work the couple themselves put into the process. And he notes that not every session will feel to the couple that they are moving forward. But he does suggests that on the whole there should be an upward trend over time in the improvement of the relationship.
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