women smarter than men?

Emotional differences between men and women is the topic of fierce debate. Tests measuring emotional differences between men and women tend to show that women have an edge over men when it comes to empathy and social skills. But it’s not quite so simple. The picture becomes more complicated when analyzing the differences.

The Brain and emotional differences between men and women

For better or for worse, the findings of neuroscience are becoming part of the emotional differences between men and women debate. The insula for instance, is the part of the brain that resonates and reads the emotional distress in others. The insula in the female brain tends to stay active when another person is upset. The insula in the male brain is active for a moment when someone is in distress and then other areas of the male brain involved with problem solving become active. So women are more effective at fostering rapport and chemistry with others and men have a greater ability to put aside distressing emotions to focus on decision making. Neither is better. Fostering rapport is tremendously helpful for supporting others in distressing situations. But the ability to tune out of the emotional realm and move into problem solving is also helpful at various times.

However, there is is a great deal of overlap between the gender differences, so that at any given moment a man may be just as good at expressing empathy, and a woman may be as good or better at making decisions.

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