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Welcome to the Couples in Step blog. My name is Irene Oudyk-Suk. I am the Couples In Step therapist. I blog about relationships: communication problems, sexual issues, infidelity, cross-cultural challenges, angry or distant interactive styles, conflict, and more. I welcome feedback.

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EFT Couple’s Therapy Changes the Brain

Typically it’s a significant health care concern of some kind that gets most people into an fMRI machine. Imagine that instead of a health care concern, it’s your participation in a research study that gets you into an fMRI machine.

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Marriage Counsellor Helpful? Effective?

Is our marriage counsellor helpful? And is marriage counselling effective? Good questions! I’m sure many of the couples I work with had exactly those questions. Robert Ogner, a therapist in California, suggests you tackle these questions head on. Is Our

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Your Emotional Life

Emotions, especially intense feelings, make us uncomfortable. Robert Ogner tells how he and wife overheard a man yelling at his wife that it was time to stop talking about feelings and start being rational. Discomfort with strong emotion isn’t recent.

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Make Your Marriage Last

Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt herald the relationship revolution in their new book, Making Marriage Simple: Ten Truths for Changing the Relationship You Have into the One You Want. They claim the book is a roadmap to help make

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Neuroscience of Love

Love is a powerful and vulnerable emotion which, it turns out, can be explained by modern neuroscience. That love can be explained by neuroscience is not meant to, and indeed cannot, take away the magic feeling of being in love, but it is still an interesting look at this familiar feeling.

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Predicting Divorce Among Newlyweds

Relationship expert Dr. Gottman is good at predicting divorce. He performed a six-year longitudinal study with University of Washington researcher Sybil Carrère to test a hypothesis that the first few minutes of a marital conflict discussion can serve as a

Living with Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

Inspired by a blog post that discussed a woman’s marital issues with a husband who had recently exhibited wild mood swings heretofore unseen in a twenty-five-year-old marriage, Helena Madsen wrote this article to try to come up with a possible

Happy Marriage in 21 Minutes

It’s a challenge to have a happy marriage. Marriage satisfaction can suffer a slow and inevitable decline over time. Couples counselling is one method that can prevent this. One research study holds promise for an alternative to couples therapy, a

On the Homefront: What is Love to Most of Us?

Love can flow like a fast flowing river or it can be like a dry creek bed. Whatever it looks like, we all crave it. Finding a relationship that encompasses mutual joy and shared responsibility for maintaining love is important

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Shhh, The Kids Can Hear You Arguing (Even When They’re Asleep)

Is Parental Fighting Harmful? Does parental fighting mold an infant’s brain, affecting the way he or she deals with conflict later? Why do some children respond poorly when exposed to parental conflict, while others seem to cope much better? University

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