Would You Love To Experience Long-Term Success In Your Relationship?

Build A Lasting Connection

If you’re newly married, you may be concerned about repeating the same mistakes you were exposed to growing up. If your parents divorced, you might worry you lack the skills to maintain a healthy long-term relationship. Even though you love your partner, you may fear commitment or doubt that you have what it takes to go the distance.

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Are you in a committed relationship and want to build a solid foundation with your partner? Have you witnessed relationships around you fail? Do you worry the same may happen to you? Or, if you’re a new couple, are you hoping to get your relationship on track as you learn how to navigate conflict?

Perhaps you and your partner have only been living together for a few months—or maybe it’s already been a couple of years—and you’re planning marriage, kids, or both in the future. Before taking this step, however, you want to establish a strong foundation that will withstand the inevitable ups and downs of life. Or maybe you’ve already had a previous relationship fail and don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

Are You Excited? You’ve Just Moved in Together?  You’re Planning Marriage? You’re Newlywed?

build a lasting couple relationship

You’ve chosen your significant other. There’s lots of excitement  involved in beginning life together with your sweetheart.  You furnish your place together, make decisions about paying the bills and sharing closet space. Perhaps you plan a wedding.

And you want it to be forever!

You’re ready to move beyond the tangibles of furniture and finances and take a deep dive into communication and sex, bonding and connection, conflict and repair. And most of all — you want a reliable process you can take with you into your forever future.

Or Perhaps There Have Already Been Bumps In The Road

Although you and your partner have a great relationship most of the time, you may occasionally have arguments or feel disconnected from each other. When these flare-ups occur, you may question your compatibility with one another.

Even though you resolve to do better next time, you may notice the same patterns arising again and again. Because you fear your dynamic will only get worse if it isn’t dealt with proactively, you want to find a solution to your miscommunication sooner than later.

Fortunately,  Lasting Connection Retreats™ are expressly designed for newer couples who are interested in building a great relationship with each other. At this group couples counselling retreat, you will learn effective communication strategies as well as how to resolve conflict and explore intimacy.