Shhh, The Kids Can Hear You Arguing (Even When They’re Asleep)

Is Parental Fighting Harmful? Does parental fighting mold an infant’s brain, affecting the way he or she deals with conflict later? Why do some children respond poorly when exposed to parental conflict, while others seem [...]

Disengaged Dan, Snappy Susie*…and EFT

Consider Dan and Susan. Dan balances work deadlines and kids’ soccer games. Susan juggles a full time job, parenting responsibilities and a passion for community theater. Lately they’ve been arguing a lot. After the arguments [...]

Taming the Tiger: Finishing fights well

Think back to the last fight you had with your spouse. Put aside the “what” you were fighting about and zero in on how you felt.

Were you “flooded” with intense emotion? Did you feel physically overwhelmed? Were your [...]

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Are you a Chase-Withdraw Couple?

Devin hasn’t said much for the last few days. Cassandra, his wife, has talked quite a bit. Cassandra processes life by commenting on it verbally as it passes her by. Devin does his reflecting internally. He shares when asked, although sometimes Cassandra has to drag it out of him. Such is the normal ebb and flow of Devin and Cassandra’s marriage. It works quite well. Mostly [...]

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Conflict: The Bedfellow in Every Relationship

Conflict is every marriage’s bedfellow. Unfortunately, conflict can become so intense that some couples eventually retreat behind walls of silence and isolation in the hope that this will resolve the conflict. It won’t [...]

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