Become an EFT Therapist – Here’s Why

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Want to grow your practice? Interested in growing your therapy skills? Consider couples therapy as a specialty and train in Emotionally Focused Therapy. The way to becoming an EFT therapist is through ICEEFT, the umbrella organization for [...]

Beyond Curiosity: The Key for Racially Diverse Couples

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Successful cross-cultural couples are curious about their partner’s culture. They don't presume their partner shares their assumptions about how things should be in a relationship. They delight in exploring their differences, and this helps them steer their way through many differences and misunderstandings.

But partners in a healthy cross-cultural [...]

Brain Science Is Teaching Us About Adult Love

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Poets, song writers, and story tellers have long celebrated love, questioned love, and agonized over love. More recently scientists have begun to study love. Scientists are putting adult love under the microscope and making amazing discoveries [...]