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Bedroom Conversation

continuing the conversation talking during sex

Talking during sex is a nice way to nurture sexual intimacy in a relationship. But bedroom conversation is uncomfortable for many. A post on the Gottoman Institute Relationship Blog a few years ago, (the post isn’t there any longer)  told of a

Become an EFT Therapist – Here’s Why

Couples in Step therapists are trained through ICEEFT

Want to grow your practice? Interested in growing your therapy skills? Consider couples therapy as a specialty and train in Emotionally Focused Therapy. The way to becoming an EFT therapist is through ICEEFT, the umbrella organization for EFT therapy in North America. The

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Beyond Curiosity: The Key for Cross Cultural Couples

Successful cross-cultural couples are curious about their partner’s culture. They don’t presume their partner shares their assumptions about how things should be in a relationship. They delight in exploring their differences, and this helps them steer their way through many differences and misunderstandings.

But partners in a healthy cross-cultural […]

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Apology Do’s and Don’ts

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Do you remember that line? It’s from the seventies film Love Story. It is a catchy thought. But, it is a toxic one, too. The truth is, for a couple in love,

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Brain Science Is Teaching Us About Adult Love

Poets, song writers, and story tellers have long celebrated love, questioned love, and agonized over love. More recently scientists have begun to study love. Scientists are putting adult love under the microscope and making amazing discoveries […]

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Moving In Together: Should We?

I had coffee with a friend recently. She was excited her boyfriend would soon be moving in with her. She wanted my input.

My friend and her boyfriend enjoy being together. And now circumstances are such that it makes moving in together expedient. Her previous roommate had just

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Counselling Success Story: Loneliness & Disinterest in Sex*

Sherri is tired of fighting and the increasing distance between her and Jason. Jason is frustrated by Sherri’s lack of sexual desire.

Sherri & Jason have been married 14 years, have 3 children ages 6-11. Jason is successfully employed in the information technology business. Sherri runs a rapidly expanding […]

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From Two to More: Children and Marriage!

I recently received this email:

After five years of marriage, my husband and I had a baby boy one year ago. Our first five years were wonderful, but this past year has been a disaster. We used to be in love, but now we argue …

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Taming the Tiger: Finishing fights well

Think back to the last fight you had with your spouse. Put aside the “what” you were fighting about and zero in on how you felt.

Were you “flooded” with intense emotion? Did you feel physically overwhelmed? Were your […]

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