Predicting Divorce Among Newlyweds

Relationship expert Dr. Gottman is good at predicting divorce. He performed a six-year longitudinal study with University of Washington researcher Sybil Carrère to test a hypothesis that the first few minutes of a marital conflict [...]

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The Positive Perspective: Dr. Gottman’s Magic Ratio!

Wouldn't it be helpful if there was a mathematical formula that couples could shoot for as they consider their negative and positive interactions? Dr. Gottman, known for his careful research into couple interactions, has found [...]

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Conflict: The Bedfellow in Every Relationship

Conflict is every marriage’s bedfellow. Unfortunately, conflict can become so intense that some couples eventually retreat behind walls of silence and isolation in the hope that this will resolve the conflict. It won’t [...]

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Maintaining Marital Friendship

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, makes for a good marriage? John Gottman, a researcher and marital therapist from the University of Washington, has for many years been studying what he calls the “Masters and Disasters” of marriage. He describes three features that good marriages have in common. I’d like to describe ...

Stay Connected: Glub!

My husband sent me a text message recently. It read, “237 glubs for you.” I have no idea what a glub is. But I smiled anyway! I sent him a message back: “237 x 4.5 glubs back to you.” We’ve been sending each other silly glub messages ever since...

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