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The Ashley Madison Affair: Why so Fascinating? is an online dating site that invites people in committed relationships to “have an affair, life is short.” Last August the website’s database was leaked, exposing 30 million customers’ personal information. For a few weeks the internet was rife

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Affair Recovery: One Couple’s Story

Affair recovery. Is it possible?

Betrayal by a spouse is agonizing and mars every aspect of a marriage. Is affair recovery even possible? Statistics vary but studies show that infidelity does not have to signal a marriage’s demise. The Rothrock’s of Pennsylvania carefully navigated the

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Infidelity: Can Counseling Help?

Infidelity, affairs, Couples in Step Counselling

I get frequent calls from people wondering if I work with affairs. I do. Infidelity is a common presenting complaint for every couple therapist. Research suggests that 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have an extra marital affair. That’s a lot of affected …

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Seven Tips to Preventing Infidelity

1. Maintain appropriate “walls and windows”. Keep the windows open at home. Put up privacy walls with others who could threaten your marriage.
2. Recognize that work can be a danger …

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Affair Proofing Your Relationship

Even good relationships are susceptible to the ravages of an affair. That defies expectations, doesn’t it? Yet any therapist specializing in relationships can tell stories that confirm this statement. Still, by careful positioning and maintenance of the “walls and windows” in our relationships, it is possible …

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