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Couples, Pregnancy & the Biological Clock

Couples, Pregnancy & the Biological Clock

“It’s the biological clock, you know. I only have three years left. After that I’ll have trouble getting pregnant,” says a 32-year-old woman in my office for the first time. Her eyes say, “help!” Her partner jumps right in. “That’s

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Shhh, The Kids Can Hear You Arguing (Even When They’re Asleep)

Is Parental Fighting Harmful? Does parental fighting mold an infant’s brain, affecting the way he or she deals with conflict later? Why do some children respond poorly when exposed to parental conflict, while others seem to cope much better? University

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From Two to More: Children and Marriage!

I recently received this email:

After five years of marriage, my husband and I had a baby boy one year ago. Our first five years were wonderful, but this past year has been a disaster. We used to be in love, but now we argue …

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