Responsive Lovers Don’t Rush to the Bedroom, Says Research

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Far too many people imagine a responsive lover is someone who reacts well to sexual stimuli or their partner’s sexual desire. While responsive is defined as “reacting to suggestions, influences, appeals, or efforts”, a responsive [...]

“I’m Afraid our Relationship will Suffer if We’re in Separate Beds”

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So, you’re a committed couple. Congratulations! You live together. Great! But you're talking about sleeping in separate beds. And you're worried this will bode poorly for your relationship. Competing studies about this very issue come [...]

On the Homefront: What is Love to Most of Us?

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Love can flow like a fast flowing river or it can be like a dry creek bed. Whatever it looks like, we all crave it. Finding a relationship that encompasses mutual joy and shared responsibility [...]

For Better, For Worse: Enduring Couples

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New York Times writer Michael Winerip features enduring couples in his "Making It Last" column. Winerip asks couples to reveal the secrets of their successful union. Enduring Couples: Thea & Ron Thea and Ron Capone, [...]