During COVID-19 all Couples In Step sessions are online.

Completing the form below gives you immediate access to fee information, insurance coverage, how couple’s therapy works, etc. You’ll also receive an instant automated email response, and then a day or 2 later you’ll receive a follow up email from the Couples In Step office administrator, Vanessa (so check your spam folder if you don’t see those emails).

Sari, Lori and Yasmeen have openings.

Irene is accepting clients for 3-Day Intensive Therapy only.

Couples In Step also delivers less traditional, but still effective,  therapy through Couples Retreats and/or 3-Day Intensive Therapy.

During covid most therapists have taken their sessions to an online video platform. What therapy sessions will look like post covid remains to be seen. Face-to-face sessions will likely return. Sessions via online therapy will likely be far more acceptable post covid.  At Couples In Step our therapists are all working online during covid. Online therapy is an effective way of delivering couples therapy.

Couples In Step Locations

  • Yasmeen sees client couples via online therapy in

    Georgetown/Brampton: 9 Goldham Way, Georgetown, ON L7G 0B2, Canada

    The Brampton/Georgetown office is located in the south part of Georgetown about 15 km west of Brampton, Ontario, approx 12 km north of the 401 & Winston Churchhill Blvd. This office serves couples living in Georgetown, Brampton, Milton, and the north part of Mississauga. Because Yasmeen sees couples via online therapy couples from anywhere in Ontario can work with Yasmeen.