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Couples have questions related to fees, insurance coverage, how to set up an appointment, how does couple’s therapy work, etc. Completing the form below will immediately take you to that information. A day or 2 later you’ll receive a follow up email from the Couples In Step assistant, Lely.

Couples In Step

Couples in Step is located in the north west corner of North York,Toronto, just a few minutes north off the 401 & the Allen Expressway.

The Couples In Step office serves couples living in North York, Etobicoke, Willowdale, Woodbridge and Downsview.

Couples In Step also draws couples living in Vaughn, Richmond Hill and Newmarket.

Face-to-face sessions with a therapist in a therapist’s office every week or so are still the most common way couples access therapy. However couples are increasingly seeking out other formats of service delivery. At Couples In Step we offer access to therapy by video conferencing as well as less traditional ways of delivering therapy through Couples Retreats and/or 3-Day Intensive Therapy.

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