It is Possible to be Safe, Satisfied & Sexual

Deepen your attachment through conversation and touch. Limited to 7 couples.

Privacy and confidentiality is prioritized over group sharing

Who: Married or unmarried,  gay or straight — all welcome. Great for rekindling romance and deepening sexual connection. Also works wonders for couples where one or both partners are challenged by sexual pain, little-or-no desire, sexual functioning challenges.

Facilitator: Irene Oudyk-Suk, MSW, RSW, RP
BESTCO certified sex therapist.

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conversation and touch


In Irene’s many years of providing couples and sex therapy she has witnessed how hard it is for couples to talk honestly and openly about their physical and/or sexual bond.

Some people aren’t able to talk about it at all.

Other people are filled with anxiety, shame, embarrassment, and they fear hurting their partner when the topic of touch comes up, so their conversations are unsatisfying and conflicted.

Irene  designed this workshop to give couples the space, the time, the safety and the guidance to embark on these conversations.

There’s more to touch and physical intimacy than conversation. It’s also hard for couples to actually begin to touch and engage in physical intimacy again when touch and physical intimacy has been difficult or non-existent for a time.

This retreat offers couples safe, secure, and playful ways to experiment with conversation and touch so that they can deepen, re-vive or restore physical intimacy.

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