Build a Lasting Connection – a strong foundation –  for long term relationship success.

Just Moved in Together?  Planning Marriage? Newlywed?

Build A Lasting Connection
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You’ve chosen your significant other. There’s lots of excitement  involved in beginning life together with your sweetheart.  You furnish your place together, make decisions about paying the bills and sharing closet space. Perhaps you plan a wedding.

And you want it to be forever!

This Lasting Connection® Retreat moves beyond the tangibles of furniture and finances and takes you on a deep dive into communication and sex, bonding and connection, conflict and repair. Best of all — you’ll learn a reliable process you can take with you into your forever future.

You WILL leave this retreat with a deeper emotional connection. Guaranteed!

First time this retreat is offered so introductory fee is 1/3rd of what it will eventually be!

The Lasting Connection® Mat (or LC Twister)

You’ll use the Lasting Connection®  mat to deepen communication between you and your partner and to facilitate emotional depth while exploring possibilities. The Lasting Connection®  mat gives you a safe way to stay connected even when you have different perspectives and opinions.  The mat keeps the process transparent so you remain clear about what you want to explore, decide or heal together.

Build A Lasting Connection Mat
The Mat--Building A Lasting Connection

Engaging presentations.
Relevant story telling.
Experiential exercises.

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Build on your initial felt attraction and connection.
Spend quality time with your partner.


Friday 6 – 10 pm
Saturday 9 am – 4 pm
Lunch on Saturday: bring your own or delivered from Dumpling King at your expense

Couples In Step Office
14 Purdon Dr.,
North York, ON M3H 4W8
free street parking available
You’ll be coming to a residential neighbourhood.

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Upcoming Retreats

Toronto, February 28 – March 1, 2020 Hold Me Tight®

North York, April 3-4, 2020 Lasting Connection®

Caledon, April 17 – 19, 2020 Touch & Physical Intimacy

Toronto, November 13-15, 2020 Hold Me Tight®

Caledon, Fall, 2020 Touch & Physical Intimacy

North York, Winter, 2021 Lasting Connection®

April 3 – 4, 2020, North York, ON fees

Registration Deadlines Retreat Fee Materials* Total
Before  March 16 100 75  175 Per Couple
March 16 – March 22 125 75  200 Per Couple
March 23 – March 29 150 75 225 Per Couple
Registration closes Sunday, March 29 , 2020 at 11:55 pm

*Materials cost includes workbooks, snacks, beverages. Does not include overnight accommodation.


Please note that there are no available discounts for the Build A Lasting Connection® retreats.

This retreat is a workshop; it is not therapeutic in the same way that the Hold Me Tight® and the Physical Intimacy retreats are, so no medical receipt will be distributed at the conclusion of the retreat.

Registration Deadlines   

Before March 16  – Retreat Fee – $100 – Materials* – $75 – Total – $175 Per Couple

March 16 – March 22 – Retreat Fee – $125 – Materials* – $75 – Total – $200 Per Couple

March 23 – March 29Retreat Fee – $150 – Materials* – $75 – Total – $225 Per Couple

Registration closes Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 11:55 pm

*Materials cost includes the workbooks, snacks, beverages. Does not include overnight accommodation.

About the Lasting Connection® Retreat

Based on the latest education research the Lasting Connection® retreat is designed to provide couples with the essential components their relationships need to build a lasting love that will stay strong to weather the storms of life.

The Lasting Connection® retreat is built on John Gottman’s research on couples and is infused with attachment theory. The experience is structured around a relationship pyramid that has five sections including attachment, communication, managing conflict, physical intimacy, and shared dreams. Each section builds upon the last, so the couple is able to conceptualize their relationship as a process of building, growing, evolving, developing and rising up in a collaborative manner. In the retreat, couples will first be given an overview of the nature of love, and the core concepts of attachment. As the retreat proceeds, attachment remains interlaced with each concept to reinforce the foundational principle of attachment throughout the life of the couple relationship.

The Lasting Connection® retreat is typically presented in a 2-day format and must be led by a trained facilitator.  Irene Oudyk-Suk, the facilitator for this retreat has been personally trained by Dr. Debi Gilmore and Dr. Rebecca Jorgensenthe developers of the Building a Lasting Connection® program.

Nearly Every Couple Faces Challenges

Sometimes the difficulties can get so over whelming they can make both of you feel helpless. In our stress-filled, anxiety-driven lives it helps to talk with a professional about your relationship. Couples In Step offers a variety of services to help couples repair and revive their relationship: in-person counselling, on-line counselling, 3-day intensive couples counselling for couples in crisis, weekend couples retreats, discernment counselling for couples where one, or both of you, are uncertain about continuing the relationship.

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