Typically it’s a significant health care concern of some kind that gets most people into an fMRI machine. Imagine that instead of a health care concern, it’s your participation in a research study thatAn FMRI Can Show EFT Brain Changes gets you into an fMRI machine. And, imagine you know that while you’re in the fMRI machine you’ll occasionally receive an electric shock to your feet! What would comfort you in that situation?

Previous research has demonstrated that the presence of others, particularly supportive others, will ameliorate some of the anxiety that comes with receiving a shock in an MRI machine.

EFT in an fMRI Machine

Dr. Susan Johnson, and her team of researchers took this research design and added in another element. They took couples in relationship distress and examined the effect couple’s therapy, in particular, Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy—EFT, had on the comfort level of the partner in the MRI machine receiving the shock.

Dr. Johnson explains what happened in the compelling little video below. As I watch the video and consider what’s happening in the brains of these two partners, I imagine a river. The potentially surging currents of anxiety are held in check by the safety of the emotional bond that carries these partners through the every day rough waters of couple life.


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