COVID-19 anxiety is everywhere. So is COVID-19 relationship hijack.

Yesterday: relationship hijack

covid-19 and relationship hijack

Out for a walk yesterday walking past a bus shelter I saw 2 people standing at opposite ends of the shelter, each looking at their phone. And I wondered, “Are they avoiding each other?” “Are they looking at the news about coronavirus?” Pre-covid I would barely have taken notice.

I  tossed in a load of laundry, because the hamper is full, but also because, “I need to do something purposeful instead of checking the news again.”

My husband said  to me in a few different ways more than once yesterday, “I’m worried about you, you look so uptight.” I barely gave him a second glance,  “You’re touching your face again” I snapped. I didn’t even notice the caring in his comment. COVID-19 is hijacking my relationship.

Today is a new day

I will not let COVID-19 hijack my relationship today.

Yesterday I didn’t notice the sun. Today I choose to notice the sun, or no sun. I will feel the air on my face.

I haven’t connected with my niece in months. Today I’ll call, not text, her.

The laundry I tossed in yesterday, now dry, I’ll fold noticing whose article of clothing I’m folding, and I will think good thoughts about that person.

Today I will intentionally glance at my husband, more than once, and then turn those glances into appreciative long gazes. I will speak to him in a tender voice.

Yes, even couple therapists need to work on their relationship!