Georgetown/Brampton ON Couples Therapy: Yasmeen Rafiq, MSW, RSW

Here’s why Irene (Couples In Step founder) invited Yasmeen to join Couples In Step:

Yasmeen’s way in the world is one of reaching out and connecting. I felt this the moment I first met Yasmeen. I even remember this thought: “She’s the kind of therapist I’d love to have connected to Couples In Step.”

Yasmeen has personal experience with the needs of couples who have been impacted by cross cultural challenges and racism.  She’s been part of the Hold Me Tight® retreats I  lead at Couples In Step.  I have witnessed first hand how couples have trusted their stories to her and how they’ve valued her input into their relationship journey. Her care and concern for couples is deep and genuine.

Yasmeen is committed to certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

I am completely delighted that Yasmeen has accepted my invitation to be part of Couples In Step.

Yasmeen Rafiq MSW, RSW Couples In Step

Location for Georgetown/Brampton

Yasmeen Rafiq, MSW, RSW sees client couples via online therapy from her office in Georgetown.

9 Goldham Way, Georgetown, ON, M3H 4E2, Canada

The Brampton/Georgetown office is located in the south part of Georgetown near Hwy 10 & Mountainview Rd. Georgetown is about 15 km west of Brampton, Ontario, approx 12 km north of the 401 & Winston Churchhill Blvd. This office serves couples living in Georgetown, Brampton, Milton, and the north part of Mississauga. Because Yasmeen sees couples via online therapy couples from anywhere in Ontario can work with Yasmeen.

I have 3 young children (4 if you count my husband 😊  ) and have hands on experience with how life can quickly get the better of us.

My sessions with you will be in English as that is the language I am fluent in, but I want you to know I have a working knowledge of Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Of these three I am most at home in Urdu.  You may also find in helpful to know that I am in a mixed marriage.

The principals of Emotionally Focused Therapy have made a positive difference in my personal life and I am grateful for the way in which attachment and emotion has made both my personal and professional life so much the richer.

“Incredible” is the word that