Do You Need Help With Your Relationship?

As the demands of daily life take precedence, are you and your partner spending less time together and having difficulty connecting? Are you struggling with communication, physical intimacy, or perhaps even infidelity? Or are you considering separation or divorce and want to make sure you’re making the right decision?

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, your relationship may be going through a rough patch. You might be having problems with communication where every conversation ends up in an argument or you find you’ve become distant and stopped confiding in one another. You can sense an invisible wall has formed between the two of you but you’re uncertain how to tear it down.

Or, perhaps you’re in a newer relationship and, although you haven’t encountered any issues yet, you want to keep things that way. You might be worried about repeating the past mistakes of a previous relationship and want to ensure you’re building a solid foundation with your partner from the start.

Life’s Daily Stressors May Be Putting Additional Pressure On Your Relationship

It’s not easy to maintain a healthy relationship while dealing with the challenges life throws at you. Between your daily stressors—jobs, the kids, finances, perhaps your extended family—and worry over global issues such as pandemics, climate change, and racialization, you have a lot on your plate.

With all these things hitting you at once, how are you expected to prioritize your relationship? Sometimes you feel like you can barely keep your own sanity in check, so it’s hard to have any energy left at the end of the day to nourish and support your partner.

Whether your relationship is relatively new or you’ve been together for decades, you may have concluded that you and your partner could benefit from some form of couples counselling. But what’s the best option? After all, there are so many different options available that it’s hard to know which one would be the most suitable. Perhaps you’ve heard about couples therapy, retreats, intensives, and discernment marriage counselling but you aren’t sure how they differ from each other or which one would be best for you. 

Fortunately, Couples In Step has a suitable option for whatever challenge your relationship may be facing. With the help of a trained therapist who specializes in working with couples, you and your partner can find customized counselling for the problems you’re experiencing.

Every Relationship Takes Work To Grow And Blossom

There is no getting around the fact that relationships are like plants—they need love and attention to grow and blossom. And just like plants, if they’re neglected and not properly nurtured or tended to, eventually relationships wilt and die. 

Tending to our relationship as if it is a garden is an apt analogy for a common mistake we make with our partners. When we take our relationship for granted and expect it to thrive without giving it the attention it needs, it withers and dies. 

We Often Don’t Notice Our Relationship Dying On The Vine Until It’s Too Late

So many of us have demands placed on us that consume our attention. It may be working a job with long hours and a challenging commute, raising kids—another full-time job in itself—or running the household with its endless tasks and to-do lists. And sometimes the broader global issues—like the pandemic or racial inequity—hit close to home. We rarely prioritize our relationship or have the luxury of time to put the work into it that it needs to stay strong.

As a result, we may turn around one day and realize that we’ve drifted apart from our partner. It may have started months ago when we went to bed angry and, instead of clearing the air with open communication, allowed our unresolved emotions to fester. And because we’re so busy in our day-to-day lives, we no longer take the time to nurture our relationship.

For couples struggling to connect and communicate more effectively, it’s common that when we start to look for help, we soon realize that therapy comes in many shapes and sizes. Although seeking help is a step in the right direction, you are probably confused about what kind of couples counselling makes sense for you. The good news is that with its variety of options, Couples In Step offers the help you and your partner need for getting your relationship back on track.

Couples In Step Offers A Variety Of Therapy Options Based On Your Needs

At Couples In Step we have dedicated years of training to develop an assortment of therapy options tailored to meet the needs of all couples. Just as every relationship is unique, so are the options available to help you and your partner at any point in your journey: