Betrayal by a spouse is agonizing and mars every aspect of a marriage. Is affair recovery even possible? Statistics vary but studies show that infidelity does not have to signal a marriage’s demise.

The Rothrock’s of Pennsylvania carefully navigated the anguish of their failing marriage and followed a path back to wholeness in their relationship.

Affair Recovery Depends on Hard Work

The Rothrock’s had challenges many couples today face: shift work, adjusting to children, a carreer that required travel and lonely nights in a hotel. And like many couples, they became more “mom and dad,” then lovers. Their sex life suffered.

Enter facebook. Casual conversation soon became something more. And then–discovery.

Initial calm and a willingness to be honest were important markers on the road to reconciliation for the Rothrock’s. Reconciliation also needed each partner to own the ways in which they each contributed to the marriage spiraling out of control and into the clutches of infidelity.

The betrayer needed to answer questions honestly. The betrayed needed eventually to stop asking questions.

And the Rothrock’s really wanted each other. That was key. They worked hard to communicate their frustrations and failings with honesty and forgiveness.

Affair recovery is possible!

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