3-Day Intensive FAQs

Irene Oudyk-Suk has been providing 3-Day Intensives for almost ten years. Typically she does about one a month. Below are the answers to the most common questions and concerns people have as they consider a 3-Day Intensive.

  • A 3-Day Intensive is just for you, your partner, and a therapist.
  • A Couples Retreat is for a number of couples with both group and private couple time (no requirement to share in the larger group). Learn more about retreats

Here’s some more about the couples who come to a 3-Day Intensive:

  • Typically they refer to themselves as being in crisis
  • One or both partners is uncertain about the future of the relationship
  • Sometimes there has been a recent disclosure of infidelity
  • There has been infidelity in the past, but their efforts to deal with the devastation of that haven’t been successful
  • Weekly couple sessions feel too short
  • They want to take the time apart to really focus deeply on their relationship

Domestic violence is a contraindication for a 3-Day Intensive.

To request a comprehensive fee schedule for the 3-Day Intensive couple’s counselling experience please contact Couples In Step.

Contact Couples In Step to discuss possible dates. 3-Day Intensives typically begin on a Sunday afternoon and conclude on a Tuesday afternoon.

Once the date has been settled on, the 3-Day Intensive is reserved for you after Couples In Step receives a $970 reservation/screening fee. You may make this payment by mailing a check or arranging an email transfer.

There is a second and third payment due as you and your partner move through the screening process. The comprehensive “3-Day Intensive (2021) Fee, FAQs, Insurance” document (available to you by completing the contact form) explains all this in detail.

Yes. A 3-Day Intensive is a significant time, emotional and financial commitment so yes, there is a screening process before you and your partner start the 3-Day Intensive. The following FAQ describes the screening process.

  1. Once Couples In Step receives the $1000 screening/reservation fee (see previous FAQ’s) each partner returns a completed intake to Couples In Step (this will take each of you about 30 minutes to complete). You will receive the intake from Couples In Step after you submit the reservation/screening fee.
  2. Couples In Step therapist Irene Oudyk-Suk reviews both intakes and then sets up a telephone time to have a 30-40 minute screening conversation with each of you.
  3. Couples In Step communicates (usually by email) with one or both of you to confirm dates and answer any questions.
  4. This is the first evaluation point. Should you decide not to proceed at this time, you have no further payment obligations. Should Irene decide that the 3-Day Intensive is contra-indicated she will communicate that to you along with her reasons.
  5. You will each complete an “Enhanced Gottman Relationship Checkup” at no cost to you; Couples In Step will provide you with the access link. This will take you at most 90 minutes to complete.
  6. Irene reviews your completed relationship checkups. This is the second evaluation point. Should you decide not to proceed at this time, you have no further payment obligations. Should Irene decide that the 3-Day Intensive is contra-indicated she will communicate that to you along with her reasons.

Couples In Step has a comprehensive cancellation policy. You’ll receive that after you contact Couples In Step indicating your interest in the 3-Day Intensive.

In Ontario, the 3-Day Intensive may be submitted to your extended health plan for coverage under your counselling benefit. In most cases your extended health benefit will cover the costs associated with a 3-Day Intensive up to the maximums allowed by your plan.

Most couples have questions about how to access their extended health coverage for a 3-Day Intensive. You will be provided with general information to help you understand what your extended health plan will/will not cover but your plan has the final say about coverage.

Please discuss fees and extended health coverage with Couples In Step before you start the Intensive.

You are free to terminate the intensive at any time during the screening process. You may also terminate the intensive at any point during the actual 3 days of the intensive. Cancellation fees will be applied.

Typically 3-Day Intensive Couple counselling sessions begin at 1 pm on Day 1 and go for 4 hours. There will be a 2 hour joint session and a 1 hour individual session with each partner on Day 1.

On Day 2 and 3 you’ll meet for 5 hours each day (2.5 hours in am, and 2.5 hours in pm).  These sessions will be with both of you or they will be a combination of back and forth short individual/joint times.

There is a lengthy break between the morning and afternoon sessions. The breaks are an integral part of the 3-Day Intensive. We will plan together how you will use the break. There are options:

  • DVD clips
  • written exercises to complete and share
  • reading
  • guided conversation time
  • non-guided together time
  • exercise/walking/shopping (Yorkdale mall, touted to be one of Canada’s finest is near by)
  • lunch
  • rest

Evenings are on your own. No homework unless you ask for it.

Wrap up is usually at 4 pm on Day 3.

Yes. If the affair is over and you both wish to work on rebuilding the relationship the intensive will focus on rebuilding and repair.

If your partner is still involved with an affair partner in an ongoing emotional and/or sexual relationship, the Intensive will take a discernment focus: gain clarity and confidence about a direction for your relationship.

Yes it can.

Discernment Counselling is a specific way of working with couples when one or both partners is ambivalent about continuing the relationship and/or about improving the relationship.

If you are seeing an EFT couples therapist a 3-Day Intensive will augment and deepen your couple’s therapy beautifully! With your permission, Couples In Step therapist Irene Oudyk-Suk will work with your therapist to co-ordinate treatment.

If you are seeing a therapist who is unfamiliar with EFT, the 3-Day Intensive will still be of benefit, however the match between the 3-Day Intensive and your ongoing therapy may be a little less congruent. With your permission, Irene will be happy to have a telephone call with your therapist to explain the EFT model of couple’s therapy and to acquaint your therapist with the 3-Day Intensive.

Irene has been offering Intensive Couple’s Therapy for about 13 years. The first intensive happened in 2008, in response to a specific request. Initially Irene offered 2-3 intensives a year. Currently she offers between 10-14 intensives per year.

While couples make a lot of progress during the 3-Day Intensive, most couples still require regular follow-up sessions (weekly to bi-weekly) after the Intensive to consolidate the 3-Day Intensive gains. So, when you book the 3-Day Intensive, begin considering how you will do follow-up counselling. Irene will do her best to help you secure follow-up therapy with a qualified couple’s therapist.

Currently, due to time constraints, Irene is unable to offer you follow-up therapy after the Intensive. Follow up sessions may be available at Couples In Step via on-line therapy with one of the other Couples In Step therapists.  Irene may be able to arrange follow up counselling for you with a (EFT trained) therapist in your area for face-to-face therapy. Online therapy is a viable option for many couples so do check the therapist locater on this website.

Along with followup sessions after the 3-Day Intensive, consider a couple’s retreat within the first year after a 3-Day Intensive. A retreat will give you many hours of supported dedicated couple time (for far less money) to review your gains, deepen repair and remind you again how to create intimacy.

Currently the 3-Day Intensive takes place online.

It’s best if each partner is completely freed up from work demands, email, smart phone, etc.

Upon occasion, a request for a date other than those listed above can be accommodated. There will be an additional charge added to the total cost of the 3-Day Intensive when a request for a specific date is accommodated.

Upcoming 3-Day Intensives

Sunday Dec 04 – Tuesday Dec 06, 2021 – no longer available

Sunday Feb 06 – Tuesday Feb 08, 2022 – available

Sunday Mar 13 – Tuesday Mar 15, 2022 – available

Sunday Apr 10 – Tuesday Apr 12, 2022 – available

Sunday May 01 – Tuesday May 03, 2022 – available

A 3-Day Intensive typically begins Sunday afternoon and ends late Tuesday afternoon.

3-Day Intensives take place online during covid. You will need a very good high-speed internet connection.

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I am SO thankful that we were lead to come to Toronto and meet with you for 3 days. I feel it has increased the speed to our recovery so that we are able to get back to enjoying our marriage and family.  I cannot say enough good things for how its changed us and restored our love and respect for one another.

-2015 3-Day Intensive attendee