Richmond Hill Couples Therapy: Lori Canlas De Pala, MSW, RSW, RP

Lori has greater availability than Irene.

Irene first met Lori when Lori volunteered to assist at a Couples In Step Hold Me Tight Retreat. Irene was immediately taken by Lori’s friendliness and professionalism. Lori continued to participate as a Roving Therapist at subsequent Hold Me Tight® retreats. The Hold Me Tight® participant couples who had Lori stop by their couple station raved about Lori and expressed their appreciation for her therapeutic skills.

Lori believes every couple has their story and their own way of communicating it. She will treat your story with care and thoughtfulness.

The regulatory bodies that govern the work of mental health professionals in Ontario require College members to maintain and enhance their skill level. Lori meets these annual requirements and more! She is an avid learner and Irene is continually amazed by how many extra courses and workshops Lori takes to enhance her therapeutic skills.

Lori has been practicing psychotherapy for more than 15 years in Toronto and currently practices in Richmond Hill, York Region.

Prior to providing psychotherapy services Lori gained expertise in the following areas:

  • Caregiver support and education
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Palliative care
  • Community Health Care
  • Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Advanced Conflict Resolution/ Mediation
  • Concurrent Disorders
  • Social Service Education
Lori Canlas De Pala MSW,RS, RP

I’m married and enjoy parenting. Weaving parenthood into married life is an art and at times not always seem seamless. There are times when the seams come undone and we need to carefully and thoughtfully mend our relationships. I am no stranger to the challenges of family life as I have experienced some of my own.

I have worked with people of many different faiths who are fervent in their own beliefs and I am able to be respectful and honour them although it may be different from my own. I have been raised in a Judeo-Christian-Catholic perspective.

  • Bachelors in Social Work (Ryerson University, Toronto, ON)
  • Master’s in Social Work (University of Windsor, ON)

Start by contacting Vanessa at  Couples In Step to see Lori’s fees, insurance information.

Lori just recently joined Couples In Step so she has greater availability than Irene. Couples In Step fees reflect the therapist’s training and experience. Lori is well on the way to becoming a certified couple’s therapist and she is involved in rigorous training and supervision to achieve certification status. Irene invited Lori to join Couples In Step after she became familiar with Lori’s work after Lori volunteered as a roving therapist at the Hold Me Tight® retreats Irene regularly facilitates.

8763 Bayview Ave, Unit 4, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3V1

The Richmond Hill Couples In Step location is less than 3 km north of Hwy 7 and 407 on Bayview and serves couples living in Vaughn, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, the north-east parts of North York, and the north-west corner of Scarborough.

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