Relationships are life investments that give back based on what you put into them. Healthy relationships enliven; unhealthy relationships are draining. The goal in any relationship then is to keep the relationship healthy so that both partners can benefit from the positive effects. Signs of a healthy relationship include staying involved with each other, successfully navigating conflict, and communicating, while keeping outside relationships and interests alive. This article covers several tips to help achieve a healthy relationship.

Relationships benefit from Physical Intimacy

Affectionate touch is vital and it’s importance is not limited to childhood! Hugs, kisses, handholding, and yes, sexual touch too sustains a healthy relationship.

Relationships benefit from Quality, playful, quantity time

Think back to when you were dating. You DID spend lots of fun time together often doing novel and interesting activities together. You thought about and planned things to do. You were adventurous and curious about each other and often the world too.

Relationships benefit from communication

Of course communication is key and that means non-verbal communication too. Your non-verbals are the first things your brain decodes and your brain decides in an instant whether that non-verbal signal is safe or threatening.

Relationships Benefit from Give and Take

Expect good times and Bad in your Relationship

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