Sexuality is a healthy, positive and rewarding part of couple life.

Sex therapy is helpful with:

  • Erectile difficulties
  • Ejaculation difficulties

  • Orgasm difficulties

  • Painful intercourse

  • Differing levels of sexual desire

  • Low sexual desire

  • Sexual dissatisfaction

  • Trust after infidelity

  • Body image, low self-esteem

  • Sexual trauma: incest or assault

  • Sexuality changes after illness or injury

Couples don’t look for a sex therapist when all is going well.  Sexuality is a sensitive area for most couples.  When you come to Couples In Step you will discuss your sexual concerns in a safe and comfortable environment.

Toronto Sex Therapy

You can expect to be treated with sensitivity and professionalism at Couples In Step. Sessions may include direct questions about your personal history, sexual feelings, and behavior in order to aid assessment. If you do not feel ready to talk about something, you may say so. Your wish will be respected.

I’ll help you to speak about difficult sexual issues even if they cause you shame or embarrassment. Along the way, you will receive reliable information about sexual functioning. Good information usually helps increase your comfort with your sexual feelings and performance. Outside reading and home exercises may also be assigned.

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As a registered sex therapist with BESTCO (Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy and Counselling in Ontario) I am required to regularly update my skills and knowledge in sex therapy. My training and experience in sexuality has prepared me to recognize when and how you might benefit from consultation with a physician about sexual difficulties.

Sexual problems may also be associated with relationship issues that interfere with the desire to be intimate. Developing holistic sexual intimacy by strengthening the whole marital relationship is an important goal at Couples in Step.

SIECCAN (The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada) is a national registered charitable organization founded in 1964 to foster professional education and public knowledge about sexuality and sexual health. SIECCAN works with health professionals, educators, and community organizations to ensure that all Canadians have access to high quality sexual health information, education and related health and social services.

Nearly Every Couple Faces Challenges

Sometimes the difficulties can get so over whelming they can make both of you feel helpless. In our stress-filled, anxiety-driven lives it helps to talk with a professional about your relationship. Couples In Step offers a variety of services to help couples repair and revive their relationship: in-person counselling, on-line counselling, 3-day intensive couples counselling for couples in crisis, weekend couples retreats, discernment counselling for couples where one, or both of you, are uncertain about continuing the relationship.

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