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Alternatives to Weekly Face-To-Face Counselling

couple-in-therapy-sessionHere’s the typical picture of couples counselling: two people meeting face-to-face with a therapist in a therapist’s office for one hour every week or two. At Couples In Step that typical picture is still a big part of the work that happens every week (though sessions are 75 minutes, or longer, instead of an hour).

However Couples In Step also offers alternatives to the regular week-to-week counselling sessions.

Couples Retreats

Diverse Group Of People SmilingThis focused way of working on your relationship is cost efficient, time saving, and effective. Distressed couples benefit as do couples wanting to deepen their connection. Don’t worry: you’ll keep your unique couple challenges private and you won’t be required to participate in any major way in group discussions either. » Learn more

3-Day Counselling Intensives

servicesDeveloped for very distressed couples a 3-Day Counselling Intensive is not a group program. You, your partner, and the Couples In Step therapist, Irene Oudyk-Suk, are the only ones present. The Intensive takes place over 3 consecutive days, usually a Sunday – Tuesday, at the Couples In Step office in North York, Toronto. » Learn More

Discernment Counselling

Discernment CounsellingDiscernment Counselling offers couples a dedicated time to look at their options before moving definitively towards divorce or relationship dissolution. Typically couples who come for discernment counselling have one parter “leaning into” the relationship and the other “leaning out.” Discernment Counselling is short term (typically 3-5 sessions). » Learn More

Video Counselling

iStock_000001945186XSmallVideo counseling is available to couples who have attended one of the Couples In Step’s other services: regular counselling, a couples retreat, or a 3-Day Counselling Intensive. I am occasionally asked to provide this service to a couple I haven’t met. Typically I am reluctant to do that, but I have made the occasional exception. »Learn More

Services to Therapists

I am involved in the Greater Toronto EFT community in a variety of ways. I edit the quarterly newsletter, I host EFT video matinees, and offer opportunities to learn more about EFT through assisting at a Hold Me Tight Couple’s Retreat. »Learn More

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