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Hold Me Tight Couples Retreats

hold me tight wkshpHave you considered an alternative to the traditional meeting-with-a-therapist-every-week-or-two? What about attending a couple’s weekend?

I know! You just can’t! imagine! working on your relationship in a group setting. But look what others who have attended a retreat said.

sueAnd, if you’re interested in a retreat but it’s your (usually male) partner who balks at this, check out the kind words section in the right column.

Couples In Step offers 2-3 retreats each year in the Toronto/GTA area. These retreats are part of the successful Hold Me Tight couples retrteats that are held all over North America.

The Hold Me Tight retreat was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Dr. Johnson’s bestseller book, Hold Me Tight.

Will I Have to Share?

At a Hold Me Tight Retreat you and your partner, together with 9-15 other couples, will watch video clips of real couples and hear about the latest research on adult love relationships. (Yes adult love is being scientifically investigated in research labs).

You’ll take the material presented to the larger group into your private couple station and apply what you’re hearing to your specific relationship.

There will be ample private couple time. Active participation in the larger group is welcome, but it is not required.

Hold Me Tight Retreat Details

Diverse Group Of People Smiling Couples retreats are on weekends: they begin on Friday evening and conclude late Sunday afternoon.Depending on the retreat venue, you’ll stay onsite or in a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast (accommodation costs are not included in the retreat fee).

Couples In Step has a dedicated website for the Hold Me Tight Retreat (and the 3-Day Counselling Intensive). On that site you’ll find a lot more information, including a detailed Retreats FAQ’s page.


Irene Oudyk-Suk, MSW, RSW is the facilitator of this weekend retreat for couples. I’ve been facilitating these retreats since Spring, 2012. My husband and I also experienced a Hold Me Tight retreat as participants and experienced first hand the significant and intimate conversations a Hold Me Tight retreat helps couples have.


The dedicated Retreats website has additional information such as dates, locations, fees, and registration instructions. Please note that registration does fill each time Couples in Step holds a retreat, so you’ll want to register early.

Couples In Step holds semi annual couple retreats for Ontario couples: Hamilton, London, Kingston, Toronto, Mississauga. Couples from other parts of Canada and the US also attend.

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