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3-Day Intensive Couple Counselling

QuarrelConsider a 3-Day Counselling Intensive (sometimes referred to as marathon couples therapy) if

  • you and your partner are in crisis
  • you’re on the verge of calling your relationship quits
  • the two of you are unable to navigate the throes of infidelity
  • you need a LOT of counselling quick

In the 3-Day Intensive you’ll meet together with your partner and the Couples In Step therapist and focus directly on your relationship: what went wrong, what’s still going wrong, and what can be done (if anything) to change your relationship.

Private, Just for the Two of You, Not a Group…

The 3-Day Intensive couple counselling experience is not a group experience–it is just for you and your partner.

3-Day Intensive Couple counselling sessions begin Sunday at 2 pm and wrap up Tuesday at 4:00 pm. Available 3-Day Counselling Intensives (they book quickly) are here.

More Information

intensive couples therapyCouples In Step has a dedicated website for the 3-Day Intensive (and the Hold Me Tight Couple Retreats). There you’ll find much additional information, including a detailed 3-Day Intensive FAQ page.

The fee for a 3-Day Intensive is an important concern for most couples. You may also be wondering if your extended health benefit will cover any or all of the 3-Day Couple Intensive. Contact me for that information and I’ll send it out to you.

Intensive Couple Counselling Follow-up

Please note that the effect of a 3-Day Intensive counselling experience is amplified when you follow up with regular counselling sessions. If you live and work near the Couples In Step office and you wish to have that follow-up with me, I will do my best to make that happen either through face-to-face sessions or through video counselling sessions.

If you live far from the Couples In Step office follow up with me can be set up via video counselling and/or an occasional face-to-face two to three hour counselling session every 2-3 months. Or I may be able to refer you to a therapist (EFT trained or otherwise) in your area for follow up counseling as well.


For more information or to schedule an 3-Day-Intensive Couple Counselling experience call Couples In Step at 416-459-0956, or use the contact form.

Couples In Step provides 3 Day Intensive marriage & couples & relationship counseling to couples in crisis living in Ontario: Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Windsor.

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