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helping couples changeDo you want to effectively implement the EFT model and become an excellent EFT therapist?

I work with EFT therapists needing consultation from an ICEEFT approved supervisor. I can help you achieve your goals.

I’ve been a certified ICEEFT therapist since 2009 and an approved ICEEFT supervisor since 2012. Your supervision hours with me can count towards ICEEFT EFT certification.:

Here’s how I’m involved with the EFT community in the Greater Toronto area:



EFT video matinee Irene Oudyk-Suk

Irene facilitating an EFT video matinee event

Individual Consultation

Individual consultation is focused entirely on your own couples therapy work. Contact me for more information (I’ll also give you some pointers–and encouragement–if you want to try internet based video-conferencing consultation).

You have two options for individual consultation:

  • face-to-face with me in my North York office
  • video-conferencing. You need: fast internet connection with good upload speed, your taped video session saved digitally on the same computer as your webcam. You’ll share your video file with me using a secure screen sharing and web conferencing tool ( You do not need to send me your video tape.
  • Supervision sessions are 60 minutes or 120 minutes.
  • If you wish to attend with another supervisee, the session will automatically be two hours.
  • Currently I am offering face-to-face reduced fee supervision for two supervisees. Please use my contact form for more information.

As a supervisee of Irene’s, I cannot say enough wonderful things about my supervision with her. Despite our distance (on line video conferencing), I have felt so supported, accepted, and safe in our time together.

Rachel Thomas, LMFT

Group Consultation

Not offering this at this time. In a group you have the opportunity to learn alongside friends and colleagues who are as enthusiastic about EFT as you are.

Day: One Wednesday each month for 8 months.
Time: A 3 hour time block.
Where: Couples In Step North York office.
Pre-requisites: 4-day ICEEFT approved externship.

EFT Therapists at Hold Me Tight Retreats

A truly unique way to learn EFT experientially is in the role of a roving therapist at a Hold Me Tight Couples Retreat. There’s a lot more information about this on my other site.

Over the last three years I have had the opportunity to be a roving therapist at the “Hold Me Tight” retreat. Each retreat I saw couples arriving cautiously, some wanting to enrich their relationships and others in hopes of helping their marriage that was in conflict. People left with a renewed connection and a much clearer understanding of where they were having trouble. I personally felt rewarded by the success of such a couple’s week-end and deeply appreciated how Irene lead these retreats validating all couples, creating safety and comfort so people could grow.

Bob Kerr, Social Worker, Port Hope

Matinee Sundays for EFT Therapists

Three times a year I host an informal get-together where I show an EFT training video. This is also a social and networking time for you to meet with other therapists interested in deepening their EFT skills. EFT video matinee dates
2015 dates: June 28, October 4, December 6
2016 dates: February 28, June 26, November 27
2017 dates: February 26, June 25, October or November date to be determined
Time: 12 pm – 2 pm
Venue: Lawrence Park Community Church, 2180 Bayview Ave., Toronto, M4N 3K7. Arrive by TTC or drive in. Fully accessible.

Download flyer to the right for more details. If you plan on attending use the contact form to let Irene know that. Your $15 participation charge is due at the event.

Newsletter for GTA EFT Therapists

The Greater Toronto EFT community is a collective of therapists dedicated to the learning and practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy. I edit the quarterly GTA EFT newsletter. The newsletter exists to deepen existing relationships among EFT’ers and forge new connections with practitioners interested in EFT.

Kind Words

Irene really knows how to stand by someone! I am so glad you are in this (EFT) community Irene. I only wish you were closer to Portland!

Dr. Sharon Chatkupt Lee, PsyD

Irene has been the one whom I have sought clinical supervision from for the past few years and I could not imagine going to anyone else. Her ability to guide and help me find fresh perspective through an Emotion Focused Therapy lens with challenging cases always has me leaving her office feeling confidant as a therapist and excited to utilize her recommended interventions with couples. Irene herself is humble and possesses a sense of inner calm, humour and authenticity, which creates a space that feels safe to be vulnerable in and consult honestly about how to intervene with couples. I truly respect and admire her as a skilled professional; she really knows her stuff. Irene has become an inspirational mentor to me. I recommend her without hesitation to other couples therapists who are looking for someone to provide excellent clinical supervision and to become a better couples therapist.

Laura Elliot, MSW, RSW

Contact Couples In Step for more information.

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