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Couples, Pregnancy & the Biological Clock

Couples, Pregnancy & the Biological Clock

“It’s the biological clock, you know. I only have three years left. After that I’ll have trouble getting pregnant,” says a 32-year-old woman in my office for the first time. Her eyes say, “help!” Her partner jumps right in. “That’s

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Marriage Counsellor Helpful? Effective?

Is our marriage counsellor helpful? And is marriage counselling effective? Good questions! I’m sure many of the couples I work with had exactly those questions. Robert Ogner, a therapist in California, suggests you tackle these questions head on. Is Our

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My Partner Doesn’t Want to go to Counselling

I recently received this sad email:

My girlfriend and I fight sometimes, like all couples. But I don’t feel her anger goes away. Now she says we’re through. She doesn’t want counseling; she went to counselling with an ex who monopolized the sessions and she got nothing out of it. How can I convince her […]

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Couples In Step therapist Irene Oudyk-Suk can vouch for the books on this page.

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Cross Cultural Couples

There aren’t many books written for couples in cross cultural relationships. Fortunately what is available is excellent.

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