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Beyond Curiosity: The Key for Cross Cultural Couples

Successful cross-cultural couples are curious about their partner’s culture. They don’t presume their partner shares their assumptions about how things should be in a relationship. They delight in exploring their differences, and this helps them steer their way through many differences and misunderstandings.

But partners in a healthy cross-cultural […]

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Interfaith Unions: A Mixed Blessing

About 20% of married couples were in interfaith unions, including Catholic-Protestant. Protestant-Evangelical, and religious-atheist in this number, before the 1960’s. In the first decade of the 21st century, that number rose to 45%. According to a poll performed by the

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Living Your Marriage Abroad: Conflict

Conflict is every marriage’s bedfellow. Unfortunately, conflict can become so intense that some couples eventually retreat behind walls of silence and isolation in the hope that this will resolve the conflict. It won’t […]

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Cross Cultural Couples

There aren’t many books written for couples in cross cultural relationships. Fortunately what is available is excellent.

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