Counselling: Online, North York, Richmond Hill, Georgetown/Brampton, Toronto

Couples In Step has differing price points to meet your needs. Fees reflect training and experience. Fees range from 170/60 minutes to 216/60 minutes.  Couple sessions are typically 75 minutes.

  • Lori is accepting new client couples. Lori is seeing couples in person and online. More about Lori
  • Yasmeen is accepting new client couples for online only.  More about Yasmeen
  • Please check in with Vanessa, our office admin, if you wish to follow through with Yasmeen or Lori.
  • Irene is accepting clients for 3-Day Intensive Therapy and Discernment Counselling. Irene sees 3-Day Intensive and Discernment clients on line. Irene also leads the retreats offered by Couples In Step. Retreats are in person and online. Do consider a retreat. They are viable options as a short and intensive form of couples therapy.
  • Sari is not accepting new client couples at this time. More about Sari
LORI CANLAS DE PALA, Richmond Hill, 2023 Fees & Insurance
YASMEEN RAFIQ, Georgetown/Brampton, 2023 Fees & Insurance
IRENE OUDYK-SUK, 2023 Fees & Insurance
SARI BURKES, North York, 2023 Fees & Insurance

Research has shown that a good therapy outcome depends on the client feeling positive about the counsellor. Some therapists invite potential clients to attend a brief, no-charge, 15 or 20 minute “meet and greet” meeting. Sometimes this is replaced with a brief introductory phone call. The purpose of a visit or a call is to help the client make a decision about client-therapist fit. This was a regular occurrence at one time at Couples In Step. These were enjoyable meetings.  Because Couples In Step is now a very busy practice meet-and-greet times are no longer possible  :( . Couples In Step hopes these FAQ’s, the introductory video on the home page, the other pages on this site, and the blog posts will assist you to catch a “sense” of Couples In Step.

  1. Review the Couples In Step fee schedule for the therapist of your choice. See above.
  2. Review your extended health benefits (information  how to do this is in the fee schedule).
  3. Review the rest of these FAQ’s for answers to typical questions such as: “Is there an assessment process?” “Do you meet with us individually or together?””How long are the sessions?” “How often will we meet?”
  4. Contact Couples In Step and ask if there are openings.

Couples In Step sessions are all on line at the present moment.

Decisions related to resuming face-to-face couple sessions will be made by each individual therapist.

The following sources, regularly updated, serve as guides for decisions related to timing and practice guidelines for the resumption of face-to-face sessions:

  • CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario)
  • OCSWSSW (Ontario College of Social Work and Social Service Workers)
  • OASW (Ontario Association of Social Workers)
  • Government of Ontario guidance of health care sector
  • Government of Canada: For Health Professionals Government sources

Couples in Step is a specialty practice working with couples and does not provide individual counselling services. Any individual sessions happen within the context of the couple relationship

Couples In Step has learned from many years experience to have the first one or two sessions be couple sessions. Here’s why.

It is the job of the couple’s therapist to keep the relationship in mind and how the two persons in the relationship are together and affect each other. When couples come into counselling they are sometimes pulling the worst from each other, instead of the best. Their thoughts about each other tend to be less than positive. The partner not present may wonder (even subtly) if the therapist is receiving a skewed representation of the relationship. So it really works best to have the first one or two sessions with both partners present at the outset so that each feels heard and understood.

Rest assured that there will be opportunity to meet with the therapist individually after one or two joint sessions.

There’s an individual session with each of you early on. After that most sessions are couple sessions. Couple sessions compel partners to overcome the temptation of trying to resolve issues by talking solely with the therapist instead of their partner. Occasional individual sessions may be helpful. As therapy progresses you may feel the need to have an individual session. Feel free to request one.

Sometimes the Couples In Step practice is full.

If Couples In Step is full, and you’d still like to see a Couples In Step therapist, send an email to Vanessa, the Couples In Step assistant every week or so. When there is an opening, since you’ve been emailing Vanessa regularly, you’ll be forefront in Vanessa’s awareness when there is an opening. Typically people who email Vanessa weekly get in to Couples in Step within 4-8 weeks.

Couples In Step does not keep a waiting list. From experience we have learned that well-intentioned folks put their name on a waiting list and then when Couples In Step is ready to follow up with them 2 – 6 months later calls to the potential client are not returned or the couple has  (understandably) made other plans.

The above may make it seem as if it is difficult to get into Couples In Step. Please do not be discouraged. There are many times when there are openings. So give us a try.

While you’re waiting, do consider a couples retreat. Couples In Step offers a few different types of retreat. You’re sure to find one that fits for you and you won’t regret it (though we do understand that for many folks, a couple’s retreat is not their first choice)! There’s a retreat FAQ that addresses your reluctance. Do take a look.