EMDR Counselling: Driving Anxiety*

Rainer’s son was an excellent soccer player who had been invited to Chicago for the September long weekend to play soccer. Rainer had told his son that he couldn’t participate because he didn’t want to drive to Chicago. June, Rainer’s wife, blew up. She knew the real reason for Rainer refusing his son permission to go to Chicago. She insisted that Rainer deal with his ever-increasing driving phobia [...]

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EMDR Counseling: Depression & Guilt*

Aleana met with Irene for EMDR when she was in her mid twenties. She complained of depression, crying spells, and overwhelming feelings of guilt. Aleana said that she had been depressed for many years. She’d had counselling before but it hadn’t been very helpful. After years of guilt Aleana no longer blames herself for her father's death […]

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