Core values. Mission statements. They help define how and why an organization ticks. Here’s how Couples In Step ticks.

Core Values at Couples In Step

core values in wood typeMindlessness, not malice, is responsible for your problems. Neither of you intended for your relationship to sour. At Couples In Step you can expect that I, as your therapist, will not side with one of you against the other.

Your experience is valid. As your therapist I want to deeply understand and appreciate how it is for you to be with your partner. As I validate your experience during the therapy session, I hope that your partners genuine curiosity about you will be rekindled again (or, maybe be kindled for the first time ever). Over time you’ll understand your partner better and your partner will understand you better too. You’ll feel accepted, loved, and understood by your partner.

You deserve excellent therapy. Marriage and couples work is complex, so I participate in rigorous and ongoing training and skill development. I regularly tape client sessions so that I can review my work as a therapist (you will always be informed when I video record and you always have the right to refuse).

Mission: Helping Couples Reconnect

A number of years ago when I lived and worked in Manila, the Philippines, a cross-cultural couple asked me to work with them on their relationship. Every time one partner reached across his/her cultural biases to heal the wounds inadvertently inflicted on his/her partner, I caught a glimpse of what our global village needs.

I was inspired to transform my wide-ranging general practice into a speciality practice for couples. I cannot single handedly bring peace to warring nations, end homelessness, and reverse climate change, but I can contribute to peace and reconciliation by helping you repair your hurting relationship. That motivates me!