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Become an EFT Therapist – Here’s Why

Couples in Step therapists are trained through ICEEFT

Want to grow your practice? Interested in growing your therapy skills? Consider couples therapy as a specialty and train in Emotionally Focused Therapy. The way to becoming an EFT therapist is through ICEEFT, the umbrella organization for EFT therapy in North America. The

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EFT Couples Therapist: Personal & Professional Meet

Couple's Therapist

Here’s a bit of my journey to becoming an EFT couples therapist. September, 2006 saw me heading to Ottawa to attend a couple’s therapist training. I am a couple’s therapist so nothing unusual in that. I was distracted though, that

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EFT Couple’s Therapy Changes the Brain

Typically it’s a significant health care concern of some kind that gets most people into an fMRI machine. Imagine that instead of a health care concern, it’s your participation in a research study that gets you into an fMRI machine.

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Living with Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

Inspired by a blog post that discussed a woman’s marital issues with a husband who had recently exhibited wild mood swings heretofore unseen in a twenty-five-year-old marriage, Helena Madsen wrote this article to try to come up with a possible

Happy Marriage in 21 Minutes

It’s a challenge to have a happy marriage. Marriage satisfaction can suffer a slow and inevitable decline over time. Couples counselling is one method that can prevent this. One research study holds promise for an alternative to couples therapy, a

Disengaged Dan, Snappy Susie*…and EFT

Consider Dan and Susan. Dan balances work deadlines and kids’ soccer games. Susan juggles a full time job, parenting responsibilities and a passion for community theater. Lately they’ve been arguing a lot. After the arguments silence and sadness sets in

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