Want to grow your practice? Interested in growing your therapy skills? Consider couples therapy as a specialty and train in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

The way to becoming an EFT therapist is through ICEEFT, the umbrella organization for EFT therapy in North America. The training is rich, deep and focused. It’s strenuous and costly too. :(   For me, the investment has been worth every penny. I have experienced wonderful results  in terms of professional development and growth, business success, and personal satisfaction.

Of all the professional organizations I have belonged to over the years, ICEEFT impresses me with its humane organizational culture.

I had my first taste of ICEEFT as an organization in 2006. I had registered and paid for a training in EFT couple’s therapy. Unexpectedly my dad died a day before the training was to start. I let ICEEFT know I couldn’t attend, but I didn’t even think of asking for a refund. Unprompted, ICEEFT refunded me the entire fee and also sent a kind email (of the non-generic kind) offering condolences.

I recently came across another reason that added to my appreciation of ICEEFT.

ICEEFT just awarded a grant of $60,000 to a team of mental health professionals at the Ottawa Heart Institute for research on an adapted version of Hold Me Tight ® called Healing Hearts Together (for heart patients and their partners). The research fund that awarded this money to this team is created out of ICEEFT dues – so all members of ICEEFT contributed to this research. The first treatment group program of ten couples at the Heart Institute has already been completed and the feedback from couples who participated was overwhelmingly positive.

So, grow your business. Expand your skills. Get involved with ICEEFT. Become an EFT therapist.

Just my 2 cents.